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"More Zombies"

2009-08-13 19:26:20 by crabshackproductions

The game "More Zombies" by Tanoku
When Comic Humor combines with a Zombie Survival game+. You just can't go wrong!
You play as a small time Hot-Dog Vendor, after lets say a "Not Fully Intended"
batch of Biological ketchup gets on your Hot-Dogs it creates a Killing in Sales! And in people.

~Game Play~
Everything from explosives, flamethrowers, shotguns and even a light saber! {And Many, More}
Oh, and of course a zombie survival game wouldn't be complete without the chainsaw.
I played this game for well over 3 Hours. Not getting a bit tired of its game play.
The only set-back is it may sometime Lag with its generous amounts of explosions.
This can be fixed by fooling around with quality settings.

If You Would Like A Better Look Of My Picture Click Me!

"More Zombies"

I Got "Artifact 19"!!!

2009-08-12 21:28:01 by crabshackproductions

I've worked hours and hours and yes, I've finally got artifact 19!!!
It is exactly what it's cracked up to be.
The weapon is just pure Bad ass in a barrel!
It charges up-doesn't take ammo.
Can shoot through walls.
Completely eliminates all enemies on screen.
Leaving you with only the bloody mess to clean up.

This is my screen shot of me with it.

If You Want A Better Look Here is The URL

I Got "Artifact 19"!!!

#2!! (Thing Thing 3 Arena)

2009-08-12 05:00:07 by crabshackproductions

omg I am #2!!! (Thing Thing 3 Arena)
I am so tired though.
It is official 4:56AM here in NC
(For you who don't that stands for North Carolina)

#2 Score-17105 Kills-533 Date-August 12, 2009

If You Wante A Better View Of It Click This Link!

#2!! (Thing Thing 3 Arena)

Even Better :D

2009-08-12 03:57:48 by crabshackproductions

I got this shortly after my "Thing Thing 3 Arena" Post.

#6. Score-11090 Kills-252 Date-August 12, 2009

See It Here

Even Better :D

Thing Thing 3 Arena

2009-08-12 03:18:43 by crabshackproductions

Where Do You Stand?
Okay I'm Not so good
I'm just excited as hell that I got that far.

#16 Score- 6256 Kills- 206 Date- August 12, 2009

Its Hard to see but I assure you its there.

You can see it much better in this link.

Thing Thing 3 Arena

New Game

2009-08-11 17:58:26 by crabshackproductions

I am currently working on my first Shooter game nothing special just
a classic point and shoot survival game.

Just Trust me it'll be up soon.
I hope you have as much fun playing it as I do making it. :D